Photography Tips For Iphone 7

The iPhone is arguably the most popular camera in the world right now. If there was any doubt, figures from Flickr, the photo blogging platform from Yahoo, put that to rest. According to Flickr, iPhone models accounting for 8 of the top 10 camera types used on the site and are more popular than point and shoot as well as DSLR cameras.  A whopping 47 per cent of all Flickr users used an Apple device to upload images to the community in 2016. In fact, 8 of the top 10 camera types were iPhones, with the 6, 5s, and 6s in the top three positions.

Apple has put out some tips for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus photography, and these are helpful for those trying to figure out the new Portrait Mode, Zoom, and other new features in the camera. Here’s a look at the tips for iPhone 7 photography.

• Tap and hold anywhere on the scene to lock AE/AF, then slide your finger up or down to nudge exposure up or down to get the perfect light in your shot.

• Using optical zoom with dual 12MP cameras on iPhone 7 Plus, you can now get videos with optical zoom at 2x and better digital zoom up to 10x, so you can get that perfect shot even if you’re further away than you’d like to be.

• Using 4K video, your recordings will look remarkably crisp and colourful, enhanced by optical image stabilisation and the all-new f/1.8 aperture setting. To record 4K video go to Settings -> Photos & Camera -> Record Video -> select 4K. Once you have selected 4K, when you record video you will notice there’s a 4K badge in the Camera app. You can also choose to shoot 1080p at both 30 and 60fps.

• Whether you’re standing still or on the go, your Time-lapse videos will look smoother than ever before. On iPhone 7 Plus you can also capture Time-lapse videos at 1x or 2x zoom to get closer to the action.

• Take video in landscape for the best video capture.

• Adjust Camera settings to enable “Record Video at 60 FPS” to capture 1080p HD video.

• Lock the Auto Exposure and Auto Focus by pressing and holding anywhere you want on the display.

• Want to take a picture while you are recording? Grab it by tapping the white circle to the left of your record button.