How to Protect Your Lenses and Camera Sensors

How to Protect Your Lenses and Camera Sensors

Within every camera are two vital components: the lens and camera Sensors. Camera sensors (CCD, CMOS, Foveon x3, Live MOS….) determine the camera physical size, photo image size and quality, screen resolution, Lens type among many other factors.  They (sensors) capture light and convert the picture you see on the viewfinder it into the glaring image you see on your camera’s LCD screen. Camera Lens on the other hand work with the camera body to create real images. With the above information in mind, it is thus important to know how to protect your camera lens and sensors.

Protection Tips for Your Camera Lens and Sensors protect your camera

  1. Buy a Brush

    One way to keep your camera lens and sensors clean is to buy a brush. In the market are numerous custom made camera brushes to help keep dust away. Regardless of the camera type, if you want to know whether your camera sensors are dirty, point your camera at a white wall or sky. Any round spots you see on the picture taken represent dirt. For the brush, a qualified Camera user can advise you on the best brush for your lens.

  1. Get a Bag

    Most camera pros know that a camera should always be kept in the bag when not in use. When you leave your camera out there in the open, you expose it to dust particles which may scratch the camera lens and prevent the camera from producing quality pictures.

  1. Keep Food and Drinks Away From Your Camera

    It is a growing norm to see cameramen eating with their cameras beside them. If you have ever done this, you may need to style up. It is always advisable to keep your Food and drinks away from your camera, as they may fall on the sensors and completely damage the camera. How to Protect Your Lenses and Camera Sensors

  1. Clean Using Dust Removal Tool

    Thanks to new camera technology, there are many digital cameras out there that have the dust removal tool. This tool can be set automatically or in command so that any time you switch on/ off your camera, the camera sensors are cleaned.

  1. Buy a Dust Blower

    Computers aren’t the only devices that require blowing, cameras do too. As you plan to use, the blower on your camera sensors, make sure that you have adequately judged how to handle the camera as the blower may dislodge dust into other parts of the camera and damage it.


Despite, digitalization Camera sensors and lens are still prone to dust. To be safe follow the above tips.

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