If you want to be a Photographer, have a Camera on you all the time

If you want to be a Photographer, have a Camera on you all the time

Photography is basically all about a good camera; you cannot take a photo without one. All the time a photographer should always have a camera on him or her. One can never know when the moments to take that all important photo comes up. As has been said, a photo is worth a thousand words; what is often not said is that not all photos are worth the thousand words. It takes specific aspects for the photo to be worth a thousand words; such photos are unfortunately rare and come quite less often. As such, there can be no any explanation better on the reasons for having a camera all the time if one wants to be a photographer. Among other reasons why one should always have the camera on him include the following:

  • There is always a new way of looking at things, If you want to be a Photographer, have a Camera on you all the time there is always a different angle that is often not visible. Even for great photos that have already been taken, there is always one different angle that could have or can be tried out. Unfortunately, the moments when such angles become revealed are not always common and always come unexpectedly. To capture such moments, especially for a beginner photographers, you must have a camera on you at all times.
  • Everyone who wants to be a professional photographer dreams of taking that one awesome shot that will catapult them to fame. Having a camera on you and taking photos constantly is one way of getting yourself known as a photographer. You never know whether you’ll be walking on the street and come across an incident or scene worth photographing, you could be at the beach with your camera just in time to photograph that washed away whale; it could be in college when you’re just ready with your camera to photograph something interesting. Basically, just like you can’t leave the house without your mobile phone or keys, a photographer should always have their camera with them.


To become a photographer, a camera is certainly going to be a part and parcel of your life. Great photos are often not anticipated, they tend to spring up out of the blues. Woe unto you if you come across a subject worth photographing, but have no camera with you! Be prepared and ready, always have your camera with you.


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