Top Tips To Improve Your Smartphone Photography

1.Know your phone camera settings
Do not rely on your phone’s default auto mode. Of course, tapping on where you want the phone to focus on will give you a sharper focus on the subject. However, you can improve the overall quality of your images by tweaking the other aspects in an image. Although different phones have different settings, most smart phones should be able to let you control the focus, exposure, white balance and ISO.

2. Set your resolution high

The higher the resolution of your photo, the better quality it is. When taking images with a smartphone camera, try to go as close as possible to the subject rather than zooming in when you take a shot. You will get better-resolution photos cropped, than zoomed in.

3. Use the front camera

The front camera makes it easier to take selfies. However doesn’t eliminate the fact that the front camera in general has a lower resolution than the back camera. This is mainly because the back camera is better equipped with more megapixels whereas the front camera’s function is supposed to be for video conferencing.

4.Go towards the light

One of the biggest problems with taking photos indoor is the lack of natural lighting. The right amount of lighting can make food look more appetising, facial expressions more cheerful and environments more welcoming.  Therefore always try to take your photos under natural lighting. You can do this by going near windows or doors when taking photos indoors, and to sources of light like neon signs or street lamps when snapping photos outdoors.