Infinity Cove Studio

2 of our Photography and Video Studios in London are equipped with large Infinity Cove (also called Cyclorama). An infinity cove is generally used as a backdrop to shoot photography, videos (including music videos), fashion photography and e-commerce as well.

Infinity Cove Studio
Infinity Cove Studio Hire
White Cove Studio
Infinity Cove Photography Studio

2 Large Infinity Cove Studios in East London

One of the biggest Infinity Cove in East London

Infinity Cove Studio Hire

One of the largest infinity cove studio in East London. Our Infinity cove are used for music videos, video shoots, photography shoots, filming, events etc.

Infinity Cove Studio Hire

Infinity Cove for

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Studio 1 and Studio 2 have an infinity cove

White Cove Studio Hire Infinity Cove Studio Infinity Cove White Studio
Cyclorama studio LondonInfinity Cove London Infinity Cove

Cyclorama Studio London

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Studio 1 Infinity Cove

  • Cove Width 5m / 16.5ft

  • Cove Depth (Length) 6m / 19.6ft


Studio 2 Infinity Cove

  • Cove Width 6m / 19.6ft

  • Cove Depth (Length) 7m / 22.9ft

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