What is a DSLR?  

In this 21st century, there is always an occasion to be captured with a camera. The notion expressed upfront by the term ‘digital’ is better performing, so a DSLR would make your work easier and give you better results.  DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.  Simply put, the main difference between a DSLR and a Single Lens Reflex Camera, is that a DSLR blends the visual abilities and performance of a single lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor instead of a photographic film. These features of a DSLR camera will help you grasp why it is better then Single Lens Reflect Camera or smartphone.

  • The program mode on a DSLR will do the exposure work for you. The only thing you need to control with exposure is how much of it you will have. You don’t need to control the shutter aperture or ISO. Even better, the flash only works when you allow it.
  • You have more chances at protecting your lens from dirt and debris with a DSLR than an SLR. Some DSLR cameras come with a ‘self-cleaning’ capability enabled by a sensor.
  • Most DSLR cameras will come with a shortcut to your settings, also known as custom settings. You can change a lot of these within seconds. Instead of dealing with the monotony of making your alterations manually over and over, just make the settings once and they’ll stick, regardless of how many times you repeat the function.
  • A view finder will let you glimpse an image but sadly you’re never sure what your photograph will look DSLR s will let you have a preview. Awesome right? what-is-dslr
  • A lot of us fumble with colour adjustments or picture styles and we want to get the exact colour in mind on the image. This camera will allow the luxury of monotone or faded colour.
  • There is a little thrill called the back button focus. Technically if you hold your shutter midway, autofocus comes on. Pressing the back button will let you use the shutter just tor a quick photo shot. It also eliminates the need to refocus every time you use the shutter.



DSLR cameras are high end quality products and are definitely better if you want to be professional photographer. Different brands may have little alterations. Your brand preferences and features you deem important will come to play in acquiring one.