Video Shooting Tips

Video Shooting Tips

Video shooting is an interesting activity, both for the camera operator and subjects involved. However, it requires intense and thorough planning. All successful video shoots start long before the crew has started recording; it starts from the planning, budgeting, logistics, and so on so forth. In that regard, you should  always be clear from the word go, hat you want to achieve in the shoot, what you’ll need to make that shoot a reality, how to make it a reality, and so on so forth.  Long before you arrive at the location with your camera and tripods, you should have ensured that all the necessary arrangements are in place.

  • Write a script how to record video

    the very first step towards a successful video shoot is having a script. As script details among other things, the story line you want to create, the subjects (actors, actresses), location of the shoot, props and other items you’ll need in the shoot, duration of the shoot, and so on so forth. Once you have a nicely written script, you’re halfway there.

  • Budget

    always have a budget to cater for transportation of the crew, and other costs incurred in the line of duty during the shoot. If you are hiring models for the shoot, establish what it will cost, the cost of transporting your equipment, whether you’ll need to a camera operator or can do it yourself, etc.

  • Get the right equipment

    when shooting the video, always take into consideration the time of day, and light variations. Usually, it is always best to shoot videos early in the morning and late in the evening; shots taken during these moments always look great and natural. Avoid taking shots in the middle of the day unless you are very sure the lighting is something you have already thought about.

  • Subjects should not be shy Video Shooting Tips

    you may have the eight equipment, have the best camera operator, but if your subject is shy or unconfident, the clip won’t be great! Thus, you can be both the camera operator and the director! Urge the subject to stare directly at the camera, to make it look real; if your budget allows it, always get experienced models to appear in the clip. Some photography and video studios like 69drop Studio hire their equipment, studios, as well as pretty, experienced models who have done numerous shoots before. Remember the old saying; how you appear on TV depends on 70% how you’re dressed, 30% what you say. Thus image is everything and it doesn’t hurt to get some men and women who are easy on the eye.

  • Zooming in and out like a pro

    every professional camera operator should understand that the nature of shots taken can help communicate a message. For instance, if you are shooting a clip about an emotional scene, where the subject is crying or feeling sad, the operator should gradually zoom in for a close up shot to help capture those emotions. Likewise, for two people having a conversation near each other, medium shots always do the magic.

  • Get as much footage as possible

    lastly, always get as much footage as possible when doing a video shoot. Try getting different shots, from different angles, feel free to even repeat the same shots in different lighting; you’ll need to have variety when it is time to edit and compile the final clip. Mind you, out of raw footage of 2 hours or more, perhaps you’ll only make use of 15 minutes long footage!


The above guide to shooting the perfect video is what every professional will recommend; it will help you get a professional job done without breaking much sweat.