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Sale! 12 hours for the price of 8!!!

Flash Sale! For 48 hours only you can have 12 hours bookings for the price of 8! £180 for 12 hours booking – that’s a bargain! Email or call us to take advantage of this (non commercial bookings): 020 7426 0736

Our area and how to find us

We are based in between Whitechapel and Aldgate East Tube stations. Very nearby you can find Shoreditch High street and Bethnal Green and all they have to offer. Our address:  69 drops Studio, 86D Greenfield Road, London, E1 1EJ The studio is based in an ideal spot; it is extremely well connected to TFL tube and rail services. Use London …


Photography lighting basics

Three-point lighting is the basis of beginner’s photography lighting. It involves key (main), fill and back lighting. Background This is usually a white sheet to create a blank canvas behind the subject to reflect light well. Light shining on to the background helps to reduce shadows behind the model/focus. Main/ key lighting Main lighting is the brightest light used for form …

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Head shots: why you should always go with a studio

With plenty of courses online, amateur equipment becoming cheaper, we are seeing a wave of new photographers popping up with different skill levels. Some of them also have sales skills, so they’re able to sell corporates or private persons head shots. Often times these type of photographers don’t use studios – it’s cheaper to do it outdoors and sometimes the …


Fun and classy Italian food photoshoot

At 69 drops Studio, a small team of professionals got together for an Italian food editorial shoot. On the day of the shoot, photographer Nunzio Prenna, with the assistance of a stylist, model and make-up artist, the rich and flavoursome essence of Italian food was captured in a fun and enticing collection. The model, Sofia, looked care-free and beautiful in …

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What to consider when renting a photography studio in London

There are many studios in London, with different cost structures and services. In this article we aim to conclude on the main things to consider when you’re looking to rent a photography studio in London. Your needs for a studio The main thing to consider is your own needs for the studio hire. Are you a beginner and looking to do …

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Ianiro Redheads for hire

We just added some more equipment at the studio. We have 4 Ianiro Redhead (kit with stands and barn doors) for all your filming (also useful for photography!). The heads are 800 Watts each. These are not your cheap lights  from ebay. These are the real deal – Ianiro.     You can hire them all as a kit for …