What Is Photography

What Is Photography?

Photography is an art, science and practice of taking and processing photos. It involves the use of image sensors or photographic films in recording light or electromagnetic radiation to end up with durable images (photos). Photography is used in many fields that range from: manufacturing, business, communication, art, music, film, including for recreational purposes. From below you will learn about the history, types and equipment used in photography. how photography progressed

Brief History of Photography

Photography history dates back to the 1800’s when Mo Di, a Chinese philosopher discovered the principles of optic camera obscura and pinhole camera. This led to the development of permanent images as photography evolved from Daguerre, emulsion to dry plates. To tackle the challenge of easy control of permanent photos, Asahi and Nikon in the 1950’s introduced the single reflex camera. Thirty years later compact lenses came to being with superior image controlling. In 1991, Kodak capped it off with a pro digital single reflex camera that could take high quality images.  Thanks to technology and advancement of android phones, most people can take basic photos from their own phones.

Types of photography

There are many types of photography to choose from. Each usually encompasses a different style, subject, and requirements. The basic photo types include:

  • Commercial photography: refers to pictures taken for commercial use.
  • Aerial Photography: represents pictures taken when the cameraman is in a higher position to the subject; overhead shot is the common term used to represent this type of photography.
  • Action photography: shows the camera subject performing a certain action like running, swimming and so on.
  • Documentary Photography: this is a common one used by companies and animal explorers to provide facts and reports about certain events or happenings.

Photography Equipment

Though regarded as a hobby to some, photography is a profession with its own rudiments. Among them is equipment’s. For you to have a good photography experience, you will have to have a: quality compact ,mirror less, or digital single reflex camera, lens (prime, zoom , telephoto lenses) , tripod and ball head, software for organizing and editing photos( examples: capture one, Adobe lightroom), monitors, lighting equipment, filters(polarizer), camera bag, cleaning spray and cloth among others.



One of the best ways to learn about photography is to do it yourself. You may begin by taking blurry photos but don’t give up; with time you will be able to stash out top quality images. There are also many companies that provide professional photography in case you don’t favour doing photography yourself.