What Setting to Use on Your DSLR

What setting to use on your DSLR

Dslr (Digital single Reflex camera) is a portable, low cost quality image camera that uses optic and mechanism of a single lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor as compared to photographic films. It is a great camera to carry around for an executive or casual shoot. The only problem is that not many people know how to set it so that it produces pictures worth remembering. If this summarizes you challenge with DSLR’s then it’s time to get learning.

Before Setting Your DSLR Camera… How to set up your DSLR

  • Before beginning any setting on your DSLR camera, it is important to consider the purpose of your shooting. Different shoots and pictures require different camera settings. For instance, If you purpose is to make the subject stand out, then you may require to adjust your camera setting to blend with the extra artificial light provided. In case the shooting area is dark then you will need to know how to set the camera flash and ISO to accentuate the subject.
  • Then, before setting your DSLR camera make sure you format the memory card. You can save the memory card contents on the computer. For a successful format, connect the camera to the computer, right click on the memory card and select format. After formatting, turn on your camera and press the playback mode. You will see no image meaning it’s ready for action.

3 DSLR Settings to try out with for your Camera:

  1. Use Manual Focus instead of Auto Focus

    As compared to auto focus, manual focus provides more effects while separating the role of the cameras aperture and shutter speed. It also ensures that light coming from the lens, reaches the edge of a frame.

  2. File Format: Set camera at Raw instead of JPEG

    Though popular, using JPEG format may be okay and acceptable, but certainly not the best option. Raw Format produces the highest quality images your camera will ever produce. Its resulting picture can also be easily adjusted without worry on quality.

  3. Increase ISO settings

    it’s a good idea to consider increasing your Cameras ISO as a high ISO means a high shutter speed thus quick and sharp shots. The only caution is to ensure you use ISO settings as the last option to fast images. Alternatively you can lower the cameras aperture to get the right setting.


Before taking shots in your new or used DSLR camera, you would be advised to consider using some of the above settings.