New born baby photography

Tips for Newborn Photography

Shooting new-born is a difficult task as your subject or model is just one week old. Photographer needs more skill and guides to shoot an infant. The photographer should aware of all the precautions and problems, so the safety of the baby is the most important fact for both parents and photographers. Keep away the accessories and decorative items from the new-born and use sanitizer before handling the baby. Make both baby and parents in a comfort zone and maintain the normal room temperature, and always keep an eye on baby.

Wash all the equipment like a bucket, basket, blankets, or other clothes. If possible, use new equipment for safety measures. Place a baby on the basket by spreading the softened bed or fabrics. Keep the temperature as warm, that comfort the new-born to be safe and fine.

Here we added some Tips for New-born Photography

Before start shooting the new-born, you must keep everything ready and ask parents and family members to get ready for the shoot. It takes 3- 4 hours to finish the complete session of photography including a break.

  • Choose Best camera

When it comes to photography camera is the main tool, you must give priority to select the best camera for your photography. DSLRs are the best option for photography, it has more advantages like high ISO value and there is the option to change the lenses based on the photography and subject.

For New-born photography mirrorless cameras are the best option, so you can take shots without disturbing a baby.  All camera has its own qualities and usage, choosing the best among them is your choice.

  • Turn off flash and use Natural Light

We recommend to strictly turn off the flashlights and use the natural lights because the newborn is too sensitive to the lights. So, fix the shooting place near to the large open window, so there is no chance for using flash or another external light source. Also, the natural lights add warmth and give a realistic light effect.

  • Use best accessories

While purchasing the accessories for newborns start with small and new things and don’t go for costly things. Buy creative and cute things like hairbands, hats, baskets, and fabrics like cotton, wool and select the color based on the gender of the baby. For girl babies, pink and white are the common colors and the same for boy babies blue, yellow, and red are the common colors.

  • Make a good atmosphere

It is the necessary thing to make the surroundings as a favorite atmosphere of the newborn. Check the room temperature, lightings. Carefully use the accessories, while using wraps to get the parent’s help and use the soft material since the baby’s skin is too soft and sensitive. Carefully use the other decorative things like rabbit hats, beads, and hand bands and give the best style of output.

  • Turn on the sleeping Music

Sleeping music is available on YouTube, plays the music while shooting to make a child fall asleep. Also, turn on the “womb sound “the sound that all baby hears in their mom’s womb. If you switch on the sound it makes the baby feel relax and comfortable.