types of camera flashes

Different types of camera flashes

As a photographer, you should have knowledge about the different types of the flashes that you can use. Here in this blog let’s see the different types of flashes and its applications to take the best photographs.

# Built-in flash units are attached within the camera bodies. When you capture the subject, the light will be flashed only on one direction towards the subject. The main disadvantage about this type of flash is that it causes high contrasts and dark shadows which brings in odd effects in the photos.

# Fill in Flash is another type which is used commonly by the photographers. The fill-in flash is normally used when the background of the subject is brighter than the usual. The fill-in flash will help you to capture the subject by increasing the brightness level on the subject when compared to its background.

types of camera flash

# Macro Ring Light Camera Flash: This flash is mainly used in the macro photography. By default, it produces a soft and diffused light. The main advantage of using the ring light camera flash is that it will help you to get as close as possible to the subject.

# Dedicated Flash: This is the most used flash type in the photography. This communicates with the camera. This type of flash can be either attached to the top of the camera or via the cable. As per the need, you can connect it with the normal camera and can use it.

camera flash

These are some of the common flash types which are used in photography. As a starter in the field of photography, you should be aware of these flash types and you should be able to choose the best type based on the requirement. Hence as an amateur photographer its time for you to unwrap the different flash types.


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