Entrance way of beach wedding

Tips for shooting Beach wedding Photography

Beach wedding gives more rejoice and lots of special moments. So to capture those memories of beach wedding perfectly you should train well with your camera settings.

Wedding photography is one of the key steps to get familiar and success in photography careers. Even at the wedding the groom and bride are at some stress or worries. Your good photos help them to relieve the stress and they will enjoy your photography.

Learning about some rules and guidelines helps to attain more attractive and this helps you to take stunning shots on the big day.

On beach wedding, you no need to worry about the low-lighting, you will get natural light from all the sides and it helps for greater exposure.

Basic Rules: Aperture speed/ shutter speed

  1. Set the aperture value to f/16.
  2. Set your ISO value to 100.
  3. Set your shutter speed to 1/100. Couples sitting along beach side

First, try to take a few photos with these settings as a trial photo and check how they look. If you are satisfied with these phots fix the settings if not slightly change the settings to get the perfect shots.

Things need to be follow

  1. Turn off the flashes, you can get natural light.
  2. Also, turn off HDR and automatic lighting optimization tools in your camera.
  3. For manual mode: Directly try to get the exposure for the sky and find the aperture and shutter speed and ISO until to get the right exposure and then target to the couple.
  4. For priority modes: Here you can utilize the auto-lock function, focus your camera toward the sky and lock the exposure reading. This helps to lock your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO temporarily.
  5. Now get your full focus on the couple and take a shot.

Done be afraid while taking shots, it gives the worst output even your camera got shaken while taking a shot with fear and tension.  Be like the boss and order the couple into a great pose. Some couple feeling shy to give great poses, it is your job to instruct them with amazing poses for the stunning shots.

There are several ways to stunning the beach wedding photography

  1. Capturing the bride’s wedding gown with the wind flow
  2. Capture the footprints of the couple
  3. Couple ring on sand Capturing the candid shots as much you can
  4. Capturing the backside poses
  5. Set the wide shot and capture the perfect portrait
  6. Focus on the wedding ring and blur out the backgrounds
  7. Try to capture the motion- shots

Things to need to focus

  • At the beach, you should be taken care of your camera equipment
  • Get a tripod along with you, don’t put your camera on the sand
  • Carry a side bag with a safety lock to keep your product safe
  • If you found any water or sand on your lens clean it immediately to avoid scratches on the lens
  • Also, take care of the couple, they may get afraid for waves and small creatures or living things like carbs, snail,  on beach sides.


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