how to take candid pictures

How to take perfect candid pictures?

Taking candid photography is one of the best techniques of photography. Capturing candid moments without posing or planning is a mastery every photographer should rehearse and comprehend to a high level.

Utilize this guide to know everything about candid photography, skills need to take candid shots, equipment and how to take inspiring shots.

Candid photography

 Candid photography is a technology in which the scenes and persons are not posed to be.

Candid stills are commonly taken everywhere and anytime, mostly the photographers use to take candid shots at wedding photography and street photography.

Mostly candid photography is the moments captured between friends, family, lovers, to show the emotional bondings and memories to cherish.

Different scenarios of candid photography

There are different proposals for candid photography techniques. The most common are

  • Candid’s at Wedding
  • Candid’s at street
  • Candid’s at wildlife

tips to take candid pictures

  1. Candid stills at wedding 

For the perfect portrait of the wedding occasion, candid photography is a must. The candid photographer will shoot all moments includes the sparkling blush, laughter, tears, sudden reactions, surprising expressions. The candid shot will bound with the emotion of the wedding celebration.

  1. Candid stills at street

Mostly for journalism street photography is essential to capture what exactly happening on the street. Furthermore, candid is used by bloggers to write the street events stories and articles with the natural image.

  1. Candid still at wildlife

Wildlife photography is similar to candid photography, you should take the unnoticed shots of the subjects. Here you must capture uncounted shots to get the perfect one.

Best camera lens for candid photography

Go with following lenses to take immersive candid shots

  • 50mm lens
  • 24-70mm lens
  • 70- 200 mm lens 

Equipment for candid photography

The two main types of equipment to take candid shoots are a good camera and flash. To take shots even better we suggest some more equipment

  1. A bounce flash

Normal flash with you gives maximum brightness but not in desired angels, sometimes it will distract your subject. A bounce flash gives you a flash in different rotation in 360 degrees. you get more natural light effect.

  1. SD cards 

It’s better to keep multiple SD cards with you. Because you are taking some hundreds of stills to confirm single perfect candid still. To avoid memory running out of your camera, buy some SD cards.

  1. Tripod

Having a tripod helps you to take street photography. With the help of tripods, you can take stabilized stills even in low dim light.

  1. Power Backup

Make sure to take extra power backup with you. So, you can take all shots without missing any moments in the events.

  1. Extra lens

Having an extra lens with you is also an advantage. If you are taking candid shots for wildlife photography its better to carry an extra lens.

Practice needs to capture candid photography, learn the best ways for taking candid photography and practice in various scenarios and occasions to capture the natural and impressive moments.