Smartphone Photography Tips

Smartphone Photography Tips

Smartphones are one of the little marvels that technological advancements have graced us with. It is typical of us to want to make memories every chance we get. Smartphone photography allows us to do that instantaneously and without camera apparatus baggage hassles inconveniencing us. The problem is we don’t always take good quality photographs with smartphones. Don’t worry though. There are a few things you can do to make your photography look like a pro’s job. Have a quick look at the below tips;

  • If we fought the urge to capture a moment hastily, we could save up some time to apply the rule of thirds and get something well deserving of the title ‘photograph’. Ideally with this rule, you should make sure that the things you need to appear in your end result are about a third of the distance in from the top, bottom, right or left of your photograph. This rids the photograph of imbalance.
  • Cut out the unwanted material with the little magic called cropping. A little cropping here and there can make a distorted photograph look impeccable.
  • Understand what your smartphone model offers you. The focus control, exposure and white balance are basic settings on all phones that you have control over. Tapping on your phone will make out the target. Modify the other features on the photo to improve the photo’s quality.
  • Since a smartphone will not have the abilities of optical zoom, you’re stuck with the risk of zooming only to end up with a total disappointment and even some blur. The secret here is getting close to your target and doing away with zoom functions.
  • The flash was created to help with lighting but it could end up making your friend look like a ghost. The dazzle is nice to look at but you’re better off without it unless you’re operating in low Smartphone Photography Tips light.
  • Natural is always better. Have your subjects stare inside the frame. In case there will be movement, allow space on the side of the frame where the movement will progresses towards. The photograph will depict this.
  • Having a higher resolution will increase your photo quality. There is no doubt about that.


The ‘smart’ on smartphones has to account for something. It implies high quality technology. Take advantage of your specific settings and always apply the rule of thirds.



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