How To Shoot Time Lapse

How To Shoot Time Lapse? – Quick Tips

What is a time-lapse photography?

Time-lapse photography is one of the methods where the frequency at which the film frames are captured is very much lower than that of which will be used to play the sequence back. When you try to replay the sequence at the normal speed, then the visual appears to be moving faster and lapsing. Here let’s see some tips techniques to capture best time lapse.

How To Shoot Time Lapse Quick Tips

# As an initial step, plant the location where you are going to capture the time lapse. It may be any place starting from the busy streets or to the forest landscapes. It depends on your plan and idea to shoot the time lapse. After deciding the place, make sure that you place the camera in a perfect position to captures the pictures in a very slow frequency time frames.

# Don’t just keep the camera solely to take the time lapse. Just use any advanced equipment like tripods to place the camera in the perfect position and capture the time lapse. Make sure that camera is in a perfect position to withstand heavy wind blows. Because if you try to take time lapse in forest regions, you should be ready to withstand heavy storms.

How To Shoot Time Lapse Tips

# After fixing the camera in the perfect position, the next thing to focus is the frame. Make sure that you set the frames perfectly to capture the time lapse in the best way. Mostly when you try to take time lapse in landscapes, this is the essential thing to do.

Thus as a professional photographer, you may try to capture the time lapse by having own different ideas. Thus to make the job even better, make sure that you follow these simple tips to get the better output.

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