Different Types Of Camera Lenses

Different Types Of Camera Lenses

A good quality camera lens is mandatory to take sharp. detailed photos. There are many types of lenses available to suit everyone budget. Here let’s see some different types of Lens to use on various occasions.

Standard Lenses:

The standard lens is not the advanced one. It has the mid-range focal length which is typically around 50mm. They have the angle of view which is roughly like how the human eye views the subject. These lenses usually have the fixed focal length and the wider aperture. This type of lenses are suitable for landscape, portrait and candid shots.

Types Of Camera Lenses

Macro Lenses:

The macro lens is designed especially to take the close up shots. These lenses have some internal modifications when compared to the normal lenses which give them additional sharpness and contrast.

Telephoto Lenses:

The telephoto lenses are the one which has a long focal length and has a high level of magnification. The telephoto lens looks a bit larger and heavier than the other type of lens. The telephoto lens is suitable for any type of photography, particularly if you cant get near the subject. These lenses are also used in the normal portrait photography.

Types Of Camera Lenses in Photography

Wide Angle Lens:

The wide angle lens is the one which has short focal length. They also provide a view beyond that of the normal standard lens. Extreme wide angle lens is also called as fish eye lens. Wide angle lens is suitable for capturing the images which don’t fit into the normal lens, that is landscapes, etc.

Thus these are some of the lens types, which you can use to capture the images in a better way. As a professional Photographer, you should know to use the different types of lens on different occasions.