5 simple tips to shoot a professional quality video

Want to create a quality professional video that is going to impress your audience? Well, it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first video or not, trust me with these five simple but significant tips you are going to nail it.

There is one thing that you should know, though- a professional video will require more of your techniques than fancy equipment. So do not break the bank to spend a fortune on new and fancy equipment. Work with what you have and incorporate some of these techniques, and you will be good to go.

  1. Adequate lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference for any video shoot. If you are to shoot a video indoors, try adding up some tips for professional video light to the room. Make sure the shooting room has adequate light to create clear videos.

The reason why this is the first tip in our list is that we think that lighting should be made a priority before any other thing while shooting a video. Without proper lighting, your videos might look amateurish even if they are of good quality. So the first thing for you to do is to ensure there is enough lighting.

Remember, if you are to shoot your videos using natural light, make sure that you shoot your videos in the morning or the evening when the sun is still soft. Midday sun tends to be a little cruel.

  1. Consider using a neat background.

Nothing is more distracting than a video with a messy background, so make an effort to look for a nice and clean background before you start shooting. You can clean up your background or look for a new one. If you want a professional video, consider having a background with a solid color background. A backdrop paper or even a bedsheet can both be god options for a professional video.

  1. Have crisp, clear audios

A video with a fuzzy sound or indistinct audio is enough to make your audience click the back button without even knowing what the content of the video was. Most people would prefer to watch a little grainy video or a video not shot in HD as long as the audio is fine and clear. So the first equipment you need to invest in is a quality microphone.

You will never lack a quality microphone no matter how tight your budget is, all you have to do is conduct some research and get yourself a quality microphone.

  1. Avoid shaky filming

professional videography tips A shaky video will feel like watching a home video, and no audience wants that. So the goal is to impress your audience. So avoid shooting your videos while holding your camera, your hand will shake at some point. Always consider placing the camera on a steady platform. You can also invest in a good tripod. A tripod is handy when you are trying to create a professional quality video. With a tripod, you reach the areas that are difficult for you to reach, and you will be assured of steady and great videos.

If however, your video turned out to be shaky no matter what you do, you can try using a stabilization software. Some cameras also have a built-in stabilization software that you can use as you shoot your videos.

  1. Understand and use the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds comes as the most basic principals in film composition. With this rule, you are to imagine that there is a three by three grid which is laid over your field of shooting. Instead of placing your item in the middle of the grid, try placing the item along one of the lines of the grid. The intersection where the lines are the best positions you can concentrate on.

You do not have to follow this rule all the time; it’s an excellent principle to follow when you are starting. In time you will know when to use this rule and when not to.