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5 inventive ways to use your tripod

As a photographer or a photo enthusiast, a tripod becomes an everyday tool that sometimes you will tend to overlook. This three-legged tool has so many benefits when it comes to shooting and especially in stabilization. There are many creative methods that you can use your tripod to give you those fantastic quality photos that you so need.

In this detailed post, we will be sharing with you some of the inventive ways you can use the tripod to give you better shoots. Some of these you might have used them some might be new to you. Read along and make sure you understand each tip.

  1. Use it as a hand-held stabilizer.

Hold the tripod in the middle of its body and spread out its legs. This will allow you to have a stabilized hand-held shooting, especially if you are shooting from different angles. This comes very handily, especially if you are to shoot photos from the top view.

This will also allow you to hold the camera firmly as you shoot. Holding a tripod in your hand may feel a little overboard but try using this method, and you will see how easy shooting might get. Holding the tripod in your hand can also work in a crowded area, to avoid people from hitting your tripod, you can use it in your hands to shoot photos.

different ways to use tripod

  1. Switch off the image stabilization on your camera.

It is only possible that as a photographer, you will have a lens with a stabilization feature. When using a tripod, you should switch off the stabilization feature and allow the tripod to stay steady as you give your shots. When using an image stabilizer for your camera, your lens will produce a minor shake that is meant to counteract any movements. This can cause some shaking in your shoots. The stabilization of the tripod is enough for your shooting so the tripod stabilization feature instead.

  1. Make use of the mirror-lock feature in the tripod.

You must be aware of the mirror that is located inside your digital camera. This mirror moves to pave the way to the camera lens. However, you may find that some digital cameras do not have a mirror. This mirror can cause a little shaking when it moves, so try using the mirror lock-up feature on your tripod when shooting to avoid the shakiness.

When you shoo at faster shutter speed, the shaking that is caused by the mirror will eventually affect your photos. However, when you are shooting at slower shutter speed, the shaking might not be so visible on your photos. Despite this fact, use the mirror lock-up feature on your tripod before you start shooting

  1. Use the tripod as a shoulder rig

If you cannot access the shoulder rig at that moment, you can use your tripod as a shoulder rig and shoot your photos from the right position. So how do you do this? Simply place your tripod on your shoulders and extend its legs for balance. Now point your camera to where you need, and you are good to shoot.

tips to use the tripod

  1. Capturing low angle shots

To capture a low angle shot, you will be required to move yourself to the lowest inch. However, if you don’t like getting down to the lowest level, you can adjust your tripod to shoot those low angle photos. You can achieve this by turning the stability of the tripod upside down or making sure that the tripod’s legs are close to the ground. Doing this will ensure that you have stable and beautiful shots without you having to move your face to the ground for a shot.

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