tips for time-lapse video

How to capture a good Time Lapse Video?

As a professional photographer, you should be aware of the trending technologies in the photography field and you should be ready to adapt to them.

Here let’s see about the Time-lapse videos and some smart tips to shoot a good Time-lapse video.

If you are a starter in the field of photography, you need not always have the camera to capture the time-lapse video, You can just use the mobile phones to capture it. Nowadays most of the phones have features like time-lapse, slow-motion, etc.

time lapse video

But when you use the camera’s to capture the time-lapse videos, then you can use either the manual mode or aperture priority mode. Using the aperture priority mode will adjust the available light evenly and will give the even exposure throughout.

You can capture the time-lapse everywhere, sunrise and the sunset are the best times to shoot the time-lapse video. Or even when you are going a drive in the forest, you can just set the camera in your car front and set the time-lapse on, This will help you capture the unbelievable scenes while travelling. Time-lapse videos are not defined within any boundaries, you can capture everywhere, it depends on your creativity to use it.

time lapse video tips

You can try capturing the time-lapse in various climatic conditions, For instance, in winter you can capture the amazing scenes of snow and the freezing things around you. You can capture amazing scenes in the winter season. Its all about how you use the situation in favour of you to take better shots.

Thus as a starter in the field of photography, it’s the right time for you to explore the new technologies in the photography field like time-lapse, slow-motion, etc. Explore more skills and promote yourself as a professional photographer.