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Print Photography Vs Digital Photography

Print Photography:

Print photography points to the analog photography method, in which the photos are captured using the SLR cameras. This is the old method of capturing the images, in which the films are used to produce the images, which will later get printed by the analog process with the use of chemicals. Print photography is more economical when compared to the digital photography, but film rolls come out costly. With greater film capacity, analog cameras have light that covers a greater area when compared to that covered in digital ones.

The main drawback in the film camera is that the person should know about the settings of the camera before using it. On the other hand, this kind of images has many advantages to offer. The quality of the images is simply unmatched. The pictures come out sharp and clear due to the chemical reactions that occur due to fall of light on the film from the shutter.

Digital Photography:

The only difference between the print photography and the digital photography is that a Charged Coupled Device(CCD) is replaced the films in the digital cameras. CCD comprises small grids with tens of lakhs of photosensitive elements. These elements get in touch with the ray of light when the photo is clicked. Thereafter, a particular level of light gets registered by them as an electrical charge. These charges, once transferred to an analog-to-digital converter, change into digital data. The main advantage in the digital photography is that you can take as many as photos without thinking about the wastage of films as in the case of print photography. Also, the pictures captured in the digital cameras are stored in rewritable memory cards.