Nature Photography

The term “Nature Photography” has very broad meaning. In other words, it has many categories inside nature photography itself. Some categories include:

·     Wildlife Photography
·     Landscape Photography
·     Seascape Photography
·     Plants and Much More!

Nature photography usually range from the large macro photography to very small close-up shots.

nature photography

Wildlife Photography:

Wildlife photography deals with the capturing the pictures of the animals in a scenic way. Wildlife photography involves lots of challenges as the photographers try to capture the pictures of the animals in their natural habitat and normal behaviour. Wildlife photography requires lots of patience and the hard work to get the better snaps.

On the other hand, this kind of photography involves lots of risk factors as photographers has to deal with wild animals!

Landscape Photography:

Landscape photography captures the grand nature of our surroundings. Landscape photographers usually try to capture the places like landmasses, mountain ranges, sunsets, cloud formations, waterfalls, coastal areas, etc. Normally in the landscape photography, the presence of the hurdles like people roaming in the frame should be avoided.

Seascape Photography:

Seascape photography aims to capture the different faces of the sea. The presence of the sea creatures in seascape photography is neither allowed nor prohibited. When it comes to seascape photography, photographer’s will try to capture the panoramic pictures to explore the real beauty of sea. Seascape photography would include beaches, water, coastline, tropical scenes and sunset too.

Plant Photography:

Plant photography involves capturing all forms of plant life like flowers, vegetables, trees, moss, etc. Plant photography involves close-up shots and still shots. Flowers in extreme close-up shots is one of the important type when it comes to plant photography.