Photography Filters for DSLR Camera

Different Types of Photography Filters for DSLR Camera

The advantage of taking pictures in the digital camera gives us lots of flexibility by enabling us to use the different types of filters and to enhance the quality of the photos. Even by having some more extra accessories, the job of the photographer becomes more simple and easy. Here let’s see some of the common filters that can be used in the DSLR camera.

  • Ultra Violet filter
  • Circular Polarizing filter
  • Neutral Density filter
  • Colour Filters:

Types of Photography Filters for DSLR Camera

Ultra Violet Filter:

The outdoor photography becomes hazy and looks blurred due to the Ultra Violet rays. This UV filter will absorb the ultraviolet rays which is more helpful for the photographers, particularly in landscape photographies. Also, it acts as a primary lens protector. Hence UV filter should be used in the DSLR cameras to get the best photographs.

Circular Polarizing Filter:

This circular polarizing filter works best against the reflecting surfaces like glass, water, etc. When the light reflects from these surfaces they turn the orientation by certain degrees. Hence, using this filter the reflections from the unwanted surfaces can be avoided. This filter also enables the colours to become more saturated and also appear clearer with better contrast.

Different Types of Photography Filters for DSLR Camera

Neutral Density Filter:

The neutral density filter reduces the amount of light entering the lens. With the help of this filter, the wider aperture can be selected by without reducing the shutter speed on the daylight. When you use this filter, the subject becomes more clear by making the background soft and blur.

Colour Filters:

Colour filters for the DSLR lenses are available in different colours and intensities. These filters help in adjusting the colour correction in the photos. Also, these can be done without the help of the filters in the post-production works. Hence as a photographer, you should be aware of the different types of filters that are available for the DSLR Lenses.