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Digital Photography & Its Advantages Over Film Photography

Digital Photography is the type of Photography that uses cameras containing arrays of electronic photo detectors to capture images focused by a lens, as opposed to an exposure on photographic film. Whereas in the film photography, the long film strips were used to capture the images and later they are processed with chemicals to get the actual image.

Advantages Of Digital Photography:


Instant Review:

When you capture the subjects using the digital cameras. You can view the image as soon as it’s being captured and also, You can go for the retake if the picture is not up to the mark. You can also delete the pictures if they are not good enough. This kind of activities cannot be done in the case of film photography.


Photographs taken with the digital camera’s are embedded by default with the metadata which includes the time, date and the model of the camera that is being used. Even the metadata of the images can be edited as per the wish of the Photographer, like adding his copyrights as well.

More Economical:

When it comes to digital cameras, Once it has been purchased, it costs very little to take, and store, hundreds or even thousands of digital photographs. On Comparing to the film cameras, the operation cost of the digital camera is very less.

digital camera

Various Functionalities:

By using digital cameras, you can perform various functions like capturing pictures, recording videos and also it lets you take pictures by using various effects like sepia, black and white, etc. Even in the latest cameras, there are options to capture the panoramic pictures as well.

Digital Manipulation:

Once the images taken from the digital camera has been transferred to the computer. You can perform any kind of digital manipulation in the images like adjusting the brightness, cropping the images, etc.