Tips To Master Product Photography

All E-commerce sites around the internet require the products to be captured in a perfect and attractive way to showcase to online customers. Product photography is a money making business in recent years. A picture may be worth a thousand words. The most successful online selling e-commerce channels are those who post unique and high-quality images.

If you are using a DSLR to do product photography, here are some tips to get best photos of the product. Don’t use a wide angle lens to capture the product as it will distort the image. Learn how to use the right aperture for the right shot, a wide aperture will narrow the depth of the field leaving some parts of the product out of focus. A small aperture will give you the greatest depth of field keeping the entire object in focus. Also, you should know how choose the white balance properly in order get the best colours out of the product.

When it comes to product photography you must know to set up the perfect background and lighting. The products are captured usually on plain backgrounds. The background color may be black or white based on the nature of the product. You should use more than two lights from various angles to get the best photos for the product.

Once you finished your product shoot with the proper background and lighting setup then comes the editing work. Post-processing helps you to clean up and enhance your photos. Even if you have made a small mistake in the photo while capturing, it can be fixed easily by using proper editing software. Editing RAW photos with professional photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Capture One will provide you many additional options to enhance the quality of your photos. Adding to this other professional software like Adobe Photoshop will help you in editing the RAW photos.

You can become an expert in product photography only by practising and experimenting, The more you deal with different products and photos, then more experienced you’ll become (like anything else in life!). Keep taking photos and tweaking your photos until you are completely satisfied with the end results.