lighting effects

Lighting Tips To Harness & Improve Your Photography

Attempting an indoor photography has lots of factors to deal with. Some Important factors to notice are background, lighting, usage of the reflector, etc. The proper lighting with perfect backdrop will give a gorgeous output in the end.


Initially, to begin with, the subject should be sited in front of the background which absorbs the light very well. In some cases, the photography backdrops can also be used to capture the perfect snaps.

Lighting Tips:

The secondary thing to notice after the background setup is the lighting. The Lighting has the major role to play for getting awesome snaps all around. The lighting has various types to deal with, some of them are natural light from the sun, open shade light, fluorescent light, warm bulb light, etc.

Backlighting is the type in which the lighting is behind the subject and directed towards the camera. This type of backlight shall be used when the subject needs to be under a foggy effect in the indoor areas.

Rim Lighting is the technique in which the light comes to the Subject in the acute angle. This type of lighting will help in getting the bright outline on the edges of the Subject.

Hard Lighting is the technique used in indoor photography, in which the bright light is directed on the subject from the camera end. This will create a hard shadow effect behind the subject.

The spotlight is the method in which the light is made to focus only on the particular section of the subject. This type of lighting is used in the product shoot, etc. Massive branded look for the product is gained only through the spotlight photography.

Side Lighting is set up to give a bright exposure to the subject from any one side or either both the side. This type of lighting helps in getting the adequate contrast to the subject and adds depth to the image as well.

Thus despite having a camera with high configuration, its important as a photographer to know the tips and tricks to get the better from the available setup. Even with the normal camera, the perfect background and lighting setup will give a tremendous result in the end. Thus a perfect photographer knows the tactics to play with the lighting and background to get the best out of it. Indoor photography has the lot to deal with in addition to the background and lighting effects.