Lavalier Microphones

Best Wireless Lavalier Microphones For 2020

The lavalier microphone is a small audio-recording tool used for television, videography, and other public speaking applications. Also known as a lapel, clip, or body mic, the lavalier allows for a hands-free operation during audio-recording sessions. Many lavaliers of today can now record audio without being hardwired to a source device.

If you’re looking for the best wireless lavalier mics for 2020, continue reading to discover the best picks for this year.

  1. Saramonic SR-WM4C
  2. Fifine Wireless Lavalier Mic
  3. Sanken COS-11D
  4. Shure BLX14/CVL-H10
  5. Pixel MK7
  6. Movo WMIC70

1.Saramonic SR-WM4C

The wireless range from Saramonic UK are highly rated, and the SR-WM4C is no exception to that rule. This wireless lapel mic is compact and lightweight. It also comes with a relatively inexpensive price tag.

Perhaps, its most endearing feature is its range. Most wireless body mics on the market, especially cheap models, only work well within a 10-meter or shorter range. But the Saramonic’s unit allows you to record crystal clear audio even if you’re 60 meters away from the main recording body of the device.

The SR-WM4C also comes with a real-time monitor feature, an LED battery indicator, and a camera mount for the source-receiver. However, please take note that this lavalier has compatibility issues if you want to connect it to DSLRs.

2.Fifine Wireless Lavalier Mic

Shooting professional-quality video with the top-of-the-line audio quality from a lavalier mic may not need an expensive audio-recording device. Enter the wireless lapel mic from Fifine.

This model sits among the inexpensive group of lapel mics on the market. But, even though it doesn’t win hearts for its build quality, it makes up for its drawbacks with an above-average quality in recording audio.

It’s an excellent budget option for up-and-coming filmmakers looking to start recording audio without spending too much cash.

3.Sanken COS-11D

If your budget is on the higher side, and you want one of the highest-quality wireless audio-recording devices on the market, then consider buying the Sanken COS-11D.

While other wireless microphones provide the option of audio-recording from a single direction (usually from the front of the recording unit), Sanken’s device offers an omnidirectional approach. In other words, you can record high-quality audio regardless of the position of the recording unit, as long as the microphone’s receiver is near your mouth.

The Sanken COS-11D is also water-resistant, and it has a decent noise reduction level to muffle unnecessary audio like wind sounds.

4.Shure BLX14/CVL-H10

Shure is an audio company that doesn’t need an introduction for audio buffs. This established company has different high-end audio-recording devices on the market, and one of its devices is the BLX14/CVL-H10.

More than a wireless lavalier microphone, this product is a wireless sound recording system. It comes with an audio-receiving unit with dimensions comparable to a modern Blu-ray player. As for the microphone unit, it’s relatively compact, but it’s not the smallest in the industry.

However, the audio quality recorded by this system outshines many body clip mics on the market. Sound quality is top-notch, especially when you factor in its audio-condensing element. This component reduces unwanted noises significantly, so your recorded audio files should come up with nothing but the sounds of your voice.

5.Pixel MK7

The Pixel MK7 joins the ranks of the low-to-mid-range lavalier microphones on the market. The standard retail price of this model is a step up from the Fifine Wireless Lavalier Mic. However, the MK7 has a slightly better build quality and audio-recording elements than Fifine’s model.

This unit is also an energy-efficient model as two AA batteries should last for about 15 to 20 hours of recording time. The case is suitably durable, which is a plus considering its price.

6.Movo WMIC70

If you like to record audio and video using DSLRs, then the WMIC70 is the lavalier mic for you. It’s compatible with most DSLR cameras. The only thing you need to do is install the receiver onto the camera’s flash mount. Next, hit the record button, and you’re all set.

Another plus point of this clip microphone is its durability. One look at its components and you’ll know that it’s a beefy unit. This model is ideal for live applications, especially if you’re working for public films or live performances.

Lavalier Microphones

In Conclusion

Lavalier microphones are a boon for audio-recording needs that don’t require the mic hardwired to the audio-receiving sources. Aim to use lavaliers from established brands like Saramonic, Movo, Shure, and Pixel. You can still consider buying cheap clip mics on the market, but you should be wary of the build and sound quality of the devices. It’s best to opt for established brands to ensure that you get excellent value for money from the purchase.