underwater photography tips for you

Do’s & Don’ts Of Underwater Photography

As technology grows, Photography also moves to the next level. As a professional photographer, here are some smart tips for you about underwater photography.

Here are some do’s and don’ts in underwater photography.


underwater photography tips

As a photographer, you should have good diving and swimming skills to take the best underwater pictures. You should able to handle the camera in a steady position under the water to take the best pictures.

Usually, water reduces color, contrast, brightness, and sharpness. Hence get close to the subject to take the good snaps. Also, ensure that your camera flash is kept in “forced flash mode”.

Its always better to shoot the subject in an upward angle. Just go underneath the subject and capture the snaps. This will help you take the best pictures. You can capture the pictures with the high resolution and the very less ISO.

To control the balance between natural lights & artificial lights, learn to use the manual mode and the aperture priority mode underwater to take the best pictures.


underwater photography

When you are capturing pictures under the water, avoid shooting from the long distances. As it will not help you get clear images.

Avoid to have a distracting background, this will not help you to focus the subject in the best way.

When you shoot the images at the very high ISO, then you will not be able to capture the quality images,

In underwater conditions, you should be able to use the available light in the best possible way to shoot the images. As a photographer, you can explore the underwater photography skills only by experience.

Thus as an amateur photographer, follow these simple tips to capture the best photos underwater. keep capturing images to explore skills in the photography field and promote yourself to the professional level.