under water photography tips for you

Under Water Photography Tips For You

Basically, the term underwater photography relates to the term wildlife photography. Mostly the wildlife photographers will be in a situation to take the photographs underwater or in the wet conditions. Here let’s see some tips for taking the best photos under the water.

When you try to capture snaps of the creatures under the water, you need to get close to the subjects to get the clear picture of it. It’s better to keep the flash On in underwater conditions, as usually, it will be dark under the water surface.

underwater photography tips

When you decide to take photos under the water, then it is more important for you to enhance skills in diving and act best in the swimming too. In many cases, you need to take quick actions under the water or else you may be in a situation to lose the chance to capture the picture.

In order to get the best picture, set the resolution of the camera to very high and the ISO to be very low to begin with. Learn to use the manual mode in the camera, as it will help you to adjust the settings based on the natural light. Make sure you understand the focusing distance of the camera based on the lens that you are using.

under water photography

Also, when you are using the flash make sure that the white balance is set to auto. When not using the flash, you can use the manual white balance mode. When shooting under the water, you can try to capture the pictures from different angles.

When you are taking photos in the rain or in the wet conditions it is always important to keep your camera lens free from mist and foggy effect. Usually, the lens may have a foggy effect to the rain or the coldness. Thus these are some tips for you to take the best photos under the water.