photography in mist

How to take photos in Mist, Fog or Haze?

Taking Photos in the mist, fog or haze is not at all a simple task. But doing so will help you get the best images. As a professional photographer, you should find the ways of capturing the best images in misty conditions. Here are some professional tips for you to capture the best images in the Hazy conditions.

If you try to capture images in hill stations or in the early mornings, you will be in a situation to shoot in misty conditions. Lighting plays a vital role while capturing images in the fog. Use the backlights to create good effects while capturing the images. Even natural light will help you to capture awesome snaps.

take photos in mist

Also, autofocus mode will not work well for the misty conditions. Hence, always use the manual mode to capture the images in fog. Keep the camera steady while shooting the subject, As already the external conditions are misty, shaking the camera while capturing will not help you get the best images.

Finding a misty or hazy condition is always easy, but finding the focal point or subject in the misty conditions is tough. Finding and keeping the steady focal point will help you capture good images. As a professional, you should know to choose the best focal point in the outdoor conditions.

take photos in haze

Silhouettes are always easy in these type of conditions. If you use the conditions in favor of you, then you can capture silhouettes easily. You can keep the subject behind bright backgrounds in the misty condition and can capture the best silhouette. As a starter in the field of photography, you can follow the above tips to capture the best pictures in the misty conditions.