tips for crystal ball photography

Smart Tips For Using Crystal Balls In Photography

Crystal Ball Photography Tips:

The growth of technology has its own impact in each and every field. When it comes to the photography, usage of the Crystal balls (lens balls) has been increased more in recent times. Here are some professional tips for taking the best pictures using the crystal balls.

The science behind the crystal ball photography is the refraction, Refraction happens when the light passes through an object such as glass or water. By this action, you will see the inverted image of the subject in the objects. Light is bent through the glass or water which makes the image to be inverted.

Crystal ball Photography Tips

By using the crystal balls or lens balls, you can capture the inverted image of the subject. You can just focus on the crystal ball and can fade the background by using the Bokeh mode or some advanced modes in the camera’s.

Try to get closer to the subject with the crystal ball, as being too far away from the subject will make the subject to look too small inside the crystal ball. Use the macro lens to get the best snaps of the subjects through the crystal balls.

Positioning the crystal ball is a big challenge in this type of photography. As a professional photographer, you can either use your own hands to position the ball or just place it in the surface. Ensure that the subject appears properly in the crystal ball. You need not try to keep the subject in the frame as the ball by default creates the natural frame for your subject.

Crystal Ball Photography

The only drawback about the crystal ball photography is that you always need a macro lens to capture the best snaps. Thus follow these smart tips to take best photos using the crystal ball or lens ball and promote yourself as a professional photographer from the amateur level.