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Landscape Photography – Tips For Setting Focus

When it comes to Photography, the common question that arises in your mind is where to set the focus to capture the best pictures. For example, In portrait photography, there is one simple rule: focus on the eyes. When the eyes aren’t on the same plane of focus, focus on the near eye. Here let’s see some tips to set the correct focus in terms of Landscape Photography.

Set The Focus To Infinity:

landscape photography

In Landscape Photography, you are trying to capture a scene rather than a single object. Many times, the scene you are trying to capture is far away from you. If you are capturing the scene from the long distance you may set the focus to infinity, when you are capturing the scene beyond 20 to 30-meter distance. But when you are capturing the scene within the 20-meter distance you can set the focus manually.

Focus on the Subject Matter:

In Landscape Photography, if you have a definite subject or center of interest in your photo, then just focus on that subject. As It is the most important part of your picture and you absolutely need it in focus. In this scenario, you don’t need to think about the foreground or background, just make sure that the subject is in focus.


Watch the Aperture:

In Photography, using the smaller aperture to get the larger depth of the field, will cost you light. The smaller aperture lets in less light so you will have to use a longer shutter speed or you may need to raise the ISO. Also, the smaller aperture will lead to diffraction, particularly in cameras with digital sensors. Hence avoid using the smaller aperture to get the better outputs.

Thus Coming to the conclusion, No rule is going to cover every situation when it comes to focus. As a professional photographer, you’ll just have to use your own judgment in the field.