Tips for Food photography

5 tips for professional food photography

Taking a picture of your favorite food comes under the food photography. If you decide to take a snap of the meal while preparing, you must follow more tips for the better output. Have you noticed some images in a cookbook or food blog don’t have a proper image? The reason is the one who took the photography of the food or food ingredients is not much trained in food photography. This blog will help to take your food photography into the next level. Food photography tips

Try to add some context

Instead of just shooting an image of the meal plate add some properties to the food to make the subject with context for creating some sense. If you are taking a picture of a meal in a restaurant, take an image of the food plate by covering the setting of the restaurant-style or the beverage they provided with your meal. This makes better sense than a plain plate.

While taking an image of preparing food try to capture the food along with its ingredients around. This gives some additional action to your food photography. Adding a context to your food photos gives more meaning and sense.

Avoid Using the camera -Flash

You know well, that photography is all about the lightings. So use the light to the best level while taking snaps of food. Make sure your flash is not in an on the option under any circumstances particularly for food photography.

If you are taking a food snap in a restaurant, plan to sit by a window side to get the natural light. The shadows come from the window side makes your image pop out.

At home, you should shoot using natural window light. The best option is choosing a window without direct sunlight.

Try to take the snaps with different angles so, you can choose the best one from them.

tips for food photography

Use Contrasting tones

Browse on the internet to get the contrasting color details. Try to use the opposing color when you take food photography.

Place green foods on the red plate and add red tomato sauce for a better look.

Also, know about the shapes complement tips along with the color tones. Put a square bowl near to the red plate and add some complimentary options of colored snacks or side dishes.

At home, even a mint leaves will do wonder for a food plate. While taking food photography at home always keep in mind to garnish some herbs which adds more color to your photography

5 tips for food photography

Shoot in Different Angles

Straight down shot is today’s trend for food photography. So while shooting a food just stand-up and shoot down your plate having the food along with the table.

At home, try on different angles for the natural look.

Don’t Crowd your subject

Keep stop crowding your food subject by placing extra things near to your food. You always have an eye on the main subject and leave some gaps behind the food.

We sure these five tips will make your food photography look good as how they taste.