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Food Photography Tips for Social Medias

Food photography is like an art or a painting. You should focus on each layer to build up the story on social media. With technical proficiency, you can rock the food photography in different media. Some of the shots are more complicated when it comes for social media stories, so you have to get training with more and more practice and tell wonderful stories with your photography

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We organized the food photography tips especially for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.  Tips covered how to stay better in the field of food photography as a skilled photographer.

Tip #1

Always use low aperture to cover a single item when you want to focus on a specific subject or item.

Tip #2

Always shoot in a RAW mode, which gives you greater flexibility while editing.

Tip #3

Your lens is the impact factor for your focus. So, check the lens before you get into photography. Check our article  Different types of camera lens used in food photography and go with the perfect lens for the shoot.

Tip #4

Light is the king of photography, try to capture with natural light, even in darkness, capture the foods along with the candles. This catches everyone’s eyes and it looks stunning while posting in your timelines.

Tip #5

capturing foods for social media

while capturing with hand models, you should be sure about the hands are clean and gives a moisturized look. Edit the fingernails with some color if it looks dirty.

Tip #6

Take the foods along with the chefs and cooking person. It adds more nature to your food.

Tip #7

To cover all things in a table use a high aperture to get everything in a focus.

Tip #8

change your SD cards and flashcards regularly.

Tip #9

Keep posting on social media with the tagging option of locations, restaurant names, recipe names, that helps to boost your photos to the most popular post shares.

Tip #10

Also keep writing a blog, for the photos you have taken in the food photography with the skill set of keywords. That drives more traffic to your post, and you will be noticed by many people in your city.

Tip #11

Cover all the food trends and hashtag #food to get more follow-ups. In Instagram Hashtag matters everything, it helps to boost up your posts to the next level and drives more traffic and followers to your profiles.

Tip #12

Capture the foods for social media share

Take the food phots one step before eating it. Example Opening any bottle caps, cover the straws in juices, focus the seasonings, ice-cream toppings, cheese layer on pasta, red flakes on pizzas.

Tip #13

Keep in mind, never tries to post bad food just for Likes. Have focus not only on foods, sometimes on health too. Don’t promote the foods that make health issues.

Tip #14

Go for the portrait mode, so it adds more sense to the foods and it easily attracts your followers.

Tip #15

capture all the ingredients in the perfect shape that is another greater way to exploring your stories