4 Tips For Beautiful Portrait Photos

1. Frame Your Subject

Framing an image correctly can draw a lot of attention. This can be done by using one element of an image and framing it with another element of the image. When framing is done correctly, it can give an image depth and draws attention to the desired point of interest on an image.

2. Wide Angles

Photos taken on a camera using a wide-angle lens can create memorable shorts when doing a portrait photoshoot.

Wide focal lengths can create a distortion, which can improve an image. However, it can enlarge parts of the face or body that are on the edge of a frame in contrast with the centre. Therefore, this would be ideal for a playful type of shoot. It can also give a wide open and dramatic impact when your subject is in a great setting.

3. Play With Backgrounds

 The main point of interest is the person in the portrait. However, when the person is placed in diverse backgrounds this can drastically change the mood in the shot, which can be good depending on what type of look you are going for.  Whereas other times you may prefer to keep your background minimalistic. It is essential to experiment to know which background is most suitable for your image.

4. Change Format Framing

Photographers tend to stick to shooting in landscape or portrait modes. However, although vertical framing is referred to as ‘portrait’ mode, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to use this mode when shooting portraits. Mixing up your framing will add variety to the type of shots you take. This can bring creativity and a sense of fun to your photography shots.