About Image Size & Resolution in Photography

Resolution is normally the number of pixels that a normal photography has in it. In simple words, if you zoom the picture with the less number of pixels, then you will not get the enough depth in the image. Instead, if you zoom the pictures with a large number of pixels, then you will get more depth and clarity even if you zoom in.

When you talk about modern-day photography, cameras come under many categories with the more advanced features. You can adjust the resolutions of the cameras as like you need and capture the subjects in a better way.

resolution in photography

You can even update the resolution in the camera setting based in the place where you are going to use the picture. For instance, if you would like to use the image as a cover photo or the profile picture in some social media platforms, then you can edit the photos and crop the images to the particular resolution based on the requirement.

Not only the advanced digital cameras have the option to adjust the resolution. Nowadays even the smartphones have the option to adjust the resolution and take the photos as per the requirement. Being a professional photographer, you should know the proper techniques to use the resolution to get the best pictures.

resolution and photography

The resolution has the role to play both before capturing the image and even in the post-production works. Initially, if you are not sure about the place where the photo is going to be used. Then you can simply capture the images with the higher resolution and can crop them later in the post production works based on the requirement.

Hence the resolution plays a vital role in the modern day photography. Being a professional photographer you should know the proper ways to use the advanced options in the camera to capture the images in the better possible way.