6 Tips For Creating A Compelling Corporate Video

In today’s highly digital world, content remains king. But, because more and more users are becoming less and less attentive, video content has taken over the digital space. And, if your company isn’t taking advantage of this marketing opportunity, then you may be missing out on a great deal of leads, audience engagement, and even sales. 

Nowadays, businesses of all shapes and sizes are putting their resources into producing corporate videos. That means if you’re just entering the digital space, you’re facing a disproportionate number of already-established competition. You’re going to need to produce more compelling corporate videos that capture your audiences’ attention from start to finish.  

If that sounds too overwhelming, don’t fret. In this article, you’ll discover all the things you need to know and do to put out content that would wow your prospects. 

  1. Organize A Content Team 

Video production is rarely a one-person job. It’s a collaborative project that requires a diverse set of ideas from multiple creative minds. Your video production team should possess technical and creative skills to develop content that you and your audience will appreciate. 

If you’re willing to shell out a significant amount of money, you can hire a team of professionals to help you. Professional production teams, like Sort Of…Films, can brainstorm with you about your content ideas and turn them into straightforward, relatable content. A group of expert content creators and videographers can save you time and help get your story told without breaking a sweat. 

Do note that hiring a professional team may come with a hefty price tag. If your company is on a tight budget, you may also sift through your employees to see who has the creative wits to produce content. Involving your employees in your video creation can also boost their morale and help you tell your company’s story from a different perspective. 

  1. Form A Strategy 

As a business owner, you may already be aware that conscious planning births tremendous success. In coming up with a high-quality video campaign, you and your content team must develop a strategy first.  

Here are a few things you should consider in developing a content strategy: 

  • Goal 

Figure out what you want your video to accomplish. Are you producing content to increase your leads?  Sales?  Loyal customers?  

  • Audience 

What does your target audience want to see in your video?  Knowing who your audience is and what they desire can laser focus your attention on the story you’ll have to put out. 

  • Message 

Your message should be consistent with your branding, and vice versa. A well-conceived message can invoke a strong emotion among your audience, helping build a strong connection with your company. 

  • Promotion 

It would help if you also planned how you’d market your video. It’ll be a waste of time and precious resources if you produce great content, but not have anyone see it. In coming up with a strategy, include how you’ll promote your video so you can maximize this marketing investment. 

  1. Find Your Niche 

As mentioned above, knowing your audience is crucial to achieving business success. If you know who your content is for, it becomes ten times easier to develop a compelling video. 

It’s easy to get caught up in your ideas, failing to consider what your prospects actually need. That’s why you need to find your niche first. As you do your research, conduct surveys among your existing clients. If you don’t know what they want to see, the best way to find out is to ask.

It would even be better if you can profile your target audience. Give them a name, personality, and pain points. This will make a difference the next time you sit down with your team to brainstorm ideas. 

  1. Tell Your Story 

Viewers are always on the lookout for authentic storytelling. The good news is your business possesses one that’s unique to its own. Tell that story in a way that captures the emotions of your audience.  Telling the humble beginnings of your company can highlight what your business stands for. That message will connect with viewers who share the same values and beliefs. 

  1. Add A Human Touch 

Besides great storytelling, your audience is also looking for content that’s natural and non-scripted. As much as possible, involve real people in your videos. Include clips where employees and past clients share their testimonials about your company. Nothing adds more human touch than real stories and first-hand experiences told by real people. 

  1. Promote Your Video 

Yes, video content should be a part of your marketing strategy to drive growth. But, nobody’s going to see your videos if you don’t market them well enough. 

In your content strategy meetings, consider how you’ll promote your content. Create a strategy for each platform where you’ll upload your video. A well-planned content promotion will undoubtedly get the word out and boost your brand awareness in the long run. 


Producing a corporate video is no easy task. But, with the right team, strategy, and promotion, it can do wonders for any business. Always remember that a compelling video needs to speak individually to your audience.