What Is Studio Photography?

Studio Photography involves taking photographs indoors, in a highly controlled environment called a photographic studio.

The photographer can use a combination of props, backdrops, lights, furniture, and models to construct the perfect photograph. The main advantage of shooting in this way is that you are free of external issues which could negatively impact your photographs, like interruptions, bad weather, and poor lighting conditions. 

The alternative to studio photography is called “Location Photography”. In location photography, a photographer will use indoor or outdoor locations that resemble their ideal backdrop. The location can be anything from a busy city street through to a picturesque natural location.

In this post, I’m going to share more of the key differences between studio photography and location photography. I’ll also explain the benefits of hiring a London photography studio. If you would like to learn more or make a booking, give us a call on 020 7426 0736.

What Does The Average London Photographic Studio Look Like?

Photographic studios come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are typically clean and modern spaces, with a wide variety of: 

London photography studios will contain professional lighting equipment, which will give you precise control over light direction, colour, quality, and quantity. The lighting equipment that is available typically includes light diffusors, reflectors, soft box lights, umbrella lights, shoot through umbrellas, overhead lights, strobe lights, coloured lighting gels, light stands, and much more.

Backdrops are backgrounds which can be used to add colour and texture to a photograph. Most London photographic studios will have seamless paper, muslin, cloth, and canvas sheets that can be unrolled and used as backgrounds. In most cases, a variety of backdrop stands and backdrop frames will also be included.  

Windows with blackout blinds

Most photographic studios will have several large windows, which provide you easy access to natural light. The studio will also provide blackout blinds, so you can eliminate outdoor light completely from your photographs if you desire. 

Background walls and surfaces
Some studios also have several types of walls in the studio, made from materials like timber, plaster, or brick. They may also have sheets of material which can be moved about. These resources can dramatically change the tone of your photographs and are very useful. 


It’s common for studios to offer the use of props for photographs. These props can range from lounges and seats through to containers and kitchen crockery.


London photographic studios usually have excellent amenities, which can make your photography shoot easier to manage. This might include makeup chairs, mirrors, bathrooms, and showers. Some studios will have other items to improve client comfort, like refrigerators, microwaves, and tea/coffee facilities.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Photographic Studio In London

There are several advantages obtained by using a London photographic studio instead of shooting at a location. Here are just a few.

Less chance of interruption 

Booking a private photographic studio means there is no risk of a member of the public walking through your set, which can occur when shooting on location. There will also be less chance of distractions occurring, making your photographic sessions highly productive. 

The weather no longer matters 

A studio photo shoot can be a success regardless of the weather. It doesn’t matter if it is hailing, raining, snowing, cloudy, or sunny — you can still create the perfect lighting environment and get the shots you need.

Extreme control over lighting conditions 

Working in a photographic studio gives you access to state of the art lighting equipment. You can use this equipment to create the ideal lighting environment for capturing stunning images.

Convenient location for everyone involved 

Hiring a photographic studio in the heart of London makes it easier for models, clients, and other members of the creative team to attend the shoot. There are plenty of transportation options available and some excellent hotels in the area. 

Easier to obtain high-quality images

Having access to professional lights, backdrops, and props makes it much easier to capture remarkable images for your business or client. This will help your business succeed in the long run. 

Less equipment to move 

When conducting a location shoot, you may have to transport a variety of lights, stands, backdrops, and props to the location. This can be very time consuming. Working in a studio means that most of this equipment will already be on set.

Plenty of backgrounds available

Most studios will have a huge variety of backgrounds available. This is very useful for portraiture and product photography as you can try several colours to find a backdrop that improves the image. 

What Kinds Of Photographs Are Photographic Studios Ideal For?

A photographic studio is ideal for any form of photography that benefits from a highly controlled environment. This includes:

  • Art photography
  • Food photography
  • Portraiture
  • Fashion photography 
  • Product photography 
  • Catalog photography

Thanks for reading. If you would like to learn more or make a booking, give us a call on 020 7426 0736.