top ten photography tip

Top Ten Photography Tips

  1. To capture an eye-catching picture set up the image within a frame of 3X3 matrix which is done through the intersection of 2 vertical and horizontal lines. The focal point is placed in the centre square while placing the object away from the centre towards on of the intersection lines.This adds aesthetic look to the picture. A picture clicked with such a frame can be spectacular and dazzling. The picture captured through this technique is all set to find you glory. This can easily become your secret of success.
  2. To become an outstanding photographer you should always remember to avoid camera shake or blur. For this first you should be well aware to hold your camera properly using both hands where one hand goes around the lens and the other around the body of the camera. For more support hold the camera close to your body. When you are into a handheld shooting you should make sure to use a proper shutter speed which is appropriate for your len’s focal length. With slow shutter speed any involuntary movement of the camera would bring you a blurred image. It is recommended to use a tripod or monopod which can avoid your images from blurring.
  3. In order to master the photography you should be well aware about three main things namely Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and the relationship between all this three controls which means you should consider the other two when you need to adjust one. If not manually adjust all of these you can always use the Auto Mode but the photo does not look the way you wanted it to be. It is recommended to learn working with both the aperture priority and shutter priority modes.
    top photography tips
  4. Polarizer is one best filter for your lens. Circular polarizer is the most recommended type of polarizer because it would allow your camera to use metering just like auto exposure. Apart from that this helps us to reduce the reflections which occurs from water, metals and glasses and also enhanced sky colors.
  5. This idea should be kept in mind when you photograph landscapes it is necessary ti create a sense of depth which can make the viewer feels as if he or she was present there. Always use a wide angle lens for panoramic views and aperture set to f/16 or smaller which can keep both the foreground and background sharp.
  6. Simple backgrounds can help you avoid distractions and make the picture look simple. Whenever possible choose plain background which can enhance the object in the picture. Choosing  neutral colors and simple patterns.
  7. Using flash indoors can make your picture looks artificial and harsh. Instead of flash you can adjust the ISO from 800 to 1600 which makes a very big difference in the shutter speed. By using the widest possible aperture you can let more light into the photo. There are some cases where you should use flash then try using a rotating flash which you can adjust to the ceiling.
    top ten photography tips
  8. Be careful in choosing ISO depending on the situation. For darker times you should set ISO to a higher number to 3200 which will make the camera more sensitive and adjust it to 100 during sunny days.
  9. This is the best way to capture objects in motion and set the shutter speed two step lower of the actual one. Make sure the object is placed half way down to lock the focus.
  10. Shutter speed should be adjusted according to the surrounding for example when it is night time set the shutter speed to 4 seconds. It changes with the background scenes such as capturing waves on a beach, Crowd etc