Corporate Photographer

Questions to Ask a Corporate Photographer Before Hiring

Business headshots play a vital role in your business brand and image. Because these photos are usually used in different marketing materials, it’s important that they highlight your best angles while being able to represent your brand. Aside from knowing your best angles, the corporate photographer who’ll take your photos can also influence the outcome or results. While there are several corporate photographers to choose from today, you shouldn’t hire someone just because his studio is convenient to your location or his services are cheap compared with others. If you want to use your photos as a tool to elevate your business, hire a corporate photographer wisely.

Hiring a corporate photographer can be a daunting task. You’d want to hire someone who produces the best photos for your business without requiring your business to break the bank. These photos will probably be used in all of your marketing materials, and using ones which doesn’t give the right light to your business can create long-term damage. Steer away from this direction by asking the following questions to the corporate photographer you’re eyeing to hire:

  1. Do you have experience with the photos we need? Corporate Photographer

Whether you want to highlight your products, services, facilities, and employees, ask the photographer about his experience in taking these kinds of photos. If you’re planning to schedule a photo shoot to take business headshots of your employees, ask for a portfolio from the photographer of the business headshots he shot in the past. Credible and well-established photographers, such as JA Headshots, will be more than happy to provide samples of their works. Check their portfolio to determine if their style matches your expectations and your business brand.

  1. What are your fees and payment requirements?

Regardless of how established or reputable a photographer is, if his services are too expensive for your business or if he only offers limited paying options, hiring him might not be the best choice. You’ll either end up hurting your business’ overall budget or be burdened of the inconvenience of paying for his services. Check if this information is available on a photographer’s website, just like on; inquire also if this can be discussed personally. You might have inquiries that aren’t available on a photographer’s FAQ page, so raising this concern directly to the photographer will give you accurate answers.

Price will always be an essential deciding factor especially if the photo shoot involves all of your employees or products. Asking about the fees and payment requirements of the photographer will make it easy for you to prepare the necessary budget. You won’t run short or use the budget allocated for other things because you’re prepared for the photo shoot.

  1. When are you available?

The availability of the photographer is also an important consideration. If the upcoming photoshoot will include most of your employees or the use of your business’ facilities, it might be best to schedule it during a weekend or outside working hours. This will give everyone ample time to prepare without disrupting the daily operations of your business. On the other side of the coin, if the photo shoot requires interaction between your employees and customers, scheduling it during the weekdays or working hours is the practical way. If possible, the photographer should make arrangements with his schedule in order to fit your request, not the other way around.

  1. Do you need to see the site or room beforehand?

The locations of where your photos are taken can have a significant impact on the output. Depending on the photos you’d want from the photographer, you can provide locations apt for it. If you want your photos to be taken indoors or outdoors, he might ask to see the area weeks before the photo shoot. This will enable him to assess if these areas have enough light or space for backdrops. The earlier the photographer does this, the earlier he can look for alternatives if the available area isn’t suitable for the photos to be taken or he can acquire appropriate tools and equipment to fulfill your preferences.

  1. Do you have a contract? Questions to ask a Corporate Photographer

If you’re hiring a corporate photographer for the first time, don’t immediately say “yes” once they offer cheap prices for their services. This can be enticing, but a transaction without any contract can be risky. Not only will you be wasting time and money when you hire them, but your business might also face legal responsibilities. Always ask for a contract before hiring a corporate photographer. The contract should detail the total costs, overtime charge, and other relevant information. Take time to read through the document and ask questions if certain clauses or terms are unclear to you.

  1. What do you need from us?

Hiring a corporate photographer isn’t just about getting the job done; it should also become an avenue for you to create a healthy relationship with the photographer. You’ll never know when you’ll need their services again. So as early as possible, nurture a professional relationship with them.

Aside from thinking about your own comfort and convenience for the photo shoot, reciprocate the same towards the photographer. Ask him what he would possibly want from you. The photographer might have concerns about you and your employees’ wardrobes and the lighting or space of the location. He might also provide suggestions and ideas for your photo shoot but is hesitant to voice out as these are outside your expectations. Make it easy for him to communicate with you so the photo shoot will run as smoothly as possible.

It Never Hurts to Ask

Since hiring a corporate photographer entails costs and can affect a business in the long run, many would think that choosing someone to hire is a stressful chore. With the number of corporate photographers today, it’ll be tough to decide who the best choice for your business is. Fortunately, asking the right questions can narrow down your search. Only hire a corporate photographer who can provide you with satisfactory answers. Otherwise, start looking for options.