Fun and classy Italian food photoshoot

At 69 italian-red-winedrops Studio, a small team of professionals got together for an Italian food editorial shoot. On the day of the shoot, photographer Nunzio Prenna, with the assistance of a stylist, model and make-up artist, the rich and flavoursome essence of Italian food was captured in a fun and enticing collection.

The model, Sofia, looked care-free and beautiful in a range of bright dresses teamed with floral head pieces and striking make-up. In each image she makes the food and win



e come to life, and you can almost imagine yourself dining in the Italian South on a summer evening. The style of the shoot was rustic chic which contrasts creatively with Sofia’s evening dresses. Prenna captured the many sides of Italian food and wine, throughout the shoot. The joy when making pizzas, the passion of deep red wine and the strong sultry taste of the cured hams are all ingeniously portrayed with the models expressions, under Prenna’s direction.

The simple white background allows the colourful food and model to do the talking, whilst matching the rustic theme with the brickwork. Italian classics such as pizza, pasta, olives, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, bright cherry tomatoes and mussels accompanied with red wine are shown off by the lighting in their best way. The colour in the make-up and styling and use of lighting throughout the shoot further emphasizes the vibrancy of the food on display; enough to make anyone hungry!lemon-juice-italian-food










Photographer: Nunzio Prenna (

Model: Sofia Adamson

Styling: Anastasia Olaru

MUA: Ziima Yosuke Nakajima