7 Essential Tips For Choosing A Photography Studio In London

Working in a professional photography studio can dramatically improve the quality of your photographs and the client’s satisfaction levels. It provides a safe environment in which to work, with all of the equipment necessary to capture stunning images.

Photography studios also have amenities which make photo shoots more comfortable. This can include changing areas, bathroom facilities, kitchenettes, and sitting areas. These amenities make the shoot more enjoyable for the photographer, models, assistants, and very important — the clients.

If you are currently looking into photo studio hire in London, you may have discovered that there are dozens of studios to choose from. Unfortunately, the quality of these studios can vary significantly.

Some studios are uncomfortable, poorly located, or lack basic ammenities — which can potentially ruin a photo shoot. To help you choose the right studio, this guide will share several essential tips on photography studio hire.

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Photo Studio Hire London – Essential Tips

Studio location

When it comes to photography studio hire, location is one of the most important considerations. Ideally, the location will be in close proximity to your place of business. But just as importantly, the location needs to be convenient for clients and models.

Ideally, the studio should be near major roads, the London Underground, and public transport routes. If your clients often fly in, it should also be within a short drive of local airports. You may also want to check that the studio has private parking, which is particularly important if you are lugging in a lot of photographic equipment.

The studio should also be close to high-quality hotels and motels, so models and clients have a comfortable location to stay before-and-after the shoot.

The ideal photography studio hire option will also be near some excellent restaurants, bars and cafes. This will make spending time near the photo studio a much more enjoyable experience for clients — which increases the likelihood that they will use your services again in the future.

Studio Ammenities

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the ammenities offered by businesses providing photo studio hire in London varies greatly.

High end studios may offer free parking, kitchenettes, relaxation areas, showers, toilets, air conditioning, makeup chairs, and rearrangeable open plan designs, They are often situated in light-and-airy buildings with large windows, so natural light is available is needed. Cheaper options might be a sparse room with a couple of lights.

Consider the kinds of amenities that your clients and models would need to enjoy the photo shoot. Remember that the more comfortable they are during the shoot, the more likely it is that they will become repeat customers.

Studio Equipment

Most photo studios in London will offer photographers some equipment for their shoot. However, the types of equipment available can vary. Professional studios might offer:

  • Photographic lights (backlights, split lights, broad lights, flat lights etc)
  • Lighting gels
  • Additional lighting stands and rigging
  • Lamps
  • Several pieces of high-end furniture (which might include stools, and vintage pieces)
  • Multiple wall surfaces (bricks, cement, painted, wood)
  • Paper roll backdrops (coloured and wallpaper)
  • Outfits
  • Hair/Makeup stations
  • Blackout blinds for windows
  • Professional kitchen for food photography

Cheaper studios may only offer a limited number of lights, which may be low quality. Take a closer look at what the studio is offering to determine if it meets your needs.

Customer Service

Photographers tend to focus on technical aspects when choosing a photographic studio. However, a studio’s customer service is also an important factor to consider.

Is the business friendly and accommodating to your needs? What happens if a lighting rig fails or the power goes out — are they easy to reach and able to address any problems in a timely manner? Is the studio owner willing to offer advice on using the studio’s equipment or product selection?

A simple way to determine the quality of a studios customer service is by reading their reviews on Facebook, Google MyBusiness, and Yelp. Reputable studios will also be more than happy to answer any pre-sales questions that you may have.

Studio Size

If you are conducting a large photo shoot with many models in frame simultaneously or a large number of support staff, you may need a larger space. Professional photo studios will be able to tell you the exact size of each studio and how many people they can safely accommodate.

Comfort Levels

One of the main reasons to use a photo studio is that your models and clients will be comfortable. However, the level of comfort provided by the studio may vary. You may want to check that the studio has:

  • Comfortable seating available
  • Heating and cooling appliances
  • Coffee/tea facilities
  • Toilets and showers
  • Entertainment options (music system and television)
  • Easy access to restaurants and cafes


The price of photo studio hire London ranges greatly. You must determine if the value that the studio provides is worth the investment.

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