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Digital Blending for photography

Digital Blending


As photographers we strive to create the perfect photo every time. Light is the probably the main factor to create a stunning photo.

This is true not only in the studio but also on location. We often shoot venues that unfortunately don’t have the best of lighting to be captured in a photo. The solution could be to bring a lot of lighting equipment and lit everything. This is not cheap and it a nightmare for logistics, health and safety (especially if you are in a place where people walk by).

A solution is to do what is called Digital Blending. This is a simple enough process where you put your camera on a tripod and take a series of photos with a speedlight to lit objects/elements one by one.

You will need a system to trigger your camera and speedlight at the same time. It doesn’t matter which brand you use. Any will do as long as you are not too far from your DSLR when triggering.

In the video you can see a short breakdown sequence of how this looks like.

All the photos are then blended in Photoshop to create the final photo.