Different types of camera lens to use in food photography

In, Food photography you should spend more bucks especially on buying a lens. If you’re really fascinated about food photography and the money is like a one-time investment. Particularly in food photography, every photographer has their convenient lenses to capture the shots. It depends on how frequently you prefer to capture images.  

If you are interested to swap the reasonable lens for food photography. then you are now in the right place. Before investing in lenses you should know about focal length and your camera sensor size

When comes to lens there are two main concerns to survive about the camera

  1. The cropped sensor
  2. Full frame sensor

The cropped sensor is cost-effective and this makes a consumer to avail the usage of the crop factor.

In the crop sensor camera, the edges of the frames are cropped out which ends in increasing the focal length. It helps to measure the focal length effectively with the comparison of lenses.

In the full-frame sensor then the camera focuses the image with 50mm and the focus length turns like 80mm.

With the help of the focus sensor, you can take shots in wide-angle covering.

The lenses work on a crop sensor will not work on a full-frame camera.

We have listed some suggestions on the lens for the best outcome of foods

  1. Macro Lenses 

If you using the cropped sensor to take shots then make an excellent service from the usage of 60mm macro lenses

It gives the effect of 100mm in the cropped sensor when you go for the full-frame sensor you feel the effect of 50mm.

  1. 24mm Wide Angle Primes lenses

For the faster process primes, lenses are the best choice. They possess an enormous aperture rate and make the shutter speed faster.

food photography lens

For the blurred background, it gives great depth and enables you to separate your image from the background.

  1. The zoom Lens 

The prime lenses are favorable but having a zoom lens is much effective in comparison to the usage of DSLR.

You will find a very sharp image while using zoom lenses. Most of the photographs use a zoom lens for the best outcome.

When you are using DSLR zooming lenses are the best option to have a good quality of images. Here you can use the zoom-in option to focus the portion of foods like “toppings” ” creamy texture”.

  1. Tilt-shift lens 

Tilt-shift sensors are mostly used by food photographers in the field of advertising. It allows you to control the focus and you can shift the lens to the desired location by shifting up down left and right to minimize grimace.

With the help of a tilt-shift lens, you can focus the elements sharply in all angels

Before you go for buying the expensive lens, I suggest you get some advice from professional photographers and also try to use rented lenses for a few days and then go for buying. Check the focal length and sensitiveness of each lens and it’s working before investing.