Beauty Shot

At the studio we are always looking for new projects and we were pleased to collaborate on a beauty shot with MUA Tracey Isiorho.

We had 2 models for the day and below you can see our favourite photo of the day with Beccy Korang.

It was a fun and colourful shot with vibrant makeup and clothes. We decided that lighting would reflect this. As we didn’t have a specific blue background we were going for, we opted to gel a light on the background to create that vibrant blue. This is a very easy way to have a coloured background. You just need a white Colorama or white wall and once you gel your light you will have a nice looking coloured background just like in our photo!

We used 3 Elinchrom ELC Pro HD lights for this photo:

1 light with blue gel for the background

1 light with softbox to camera right with orange gel

1 light with small softbox to camera left (no gel)


Very effective beauty shot done with simple setup.

Why don’t you book us for your beauty shots? We will be happy to help you.