3 ways to display travel photos

3 Gorgeous Ways To Display Your Favorite Travel Photos

Time Machines All Around Us

A camera is really a kind of time machine when you stop and think about it. The pictures you capture take you back. Just looking at a photo can remind you of smells, thoughts, impressions, music, sounds, and feelings which truly take you back to that dream vacation, or beyond. This is one reason people are so keen to collect photography of their favourite travels.

There are a lot of ways those photos can be preserved and reviewed later. Photo albums in scrapbook format, digital databases, or pictures that are blown up and displayed in the home represent a few. You don’t have to display your pictures any single way, though; how you do it is up to you. Following are three popular ways you can present pictures that take you back to some of your favourite travels through life.

ways to display travel photos

  1. An Ornate Frame

A fine and expensive frame that is even a bit heavy might do for memorializing formal travels you’ve taken. Additionally, such frames could be appropriate to the scenery in the picture. Redwood forest photos framed in ornately designed mahogany have an inherent class. At the same time, a metallic frame may compliment a metropolis skyline.

  1. Amidst An Appropriate Backdrop

The right backdrop can turn a central picture into a defining part of a room. You make the photos you’ve managed to collect a centrepiece, or even something evocative of a shrine. Granted, you don’t want to get too ensconced in times of yore, but sometimes pictures of exotic locales lend themselves to a decorative motif.

Especially if you’ve captured wild photos of tropical climes bereft from any similitude to your local surroundings, a colour-scheme, decorations, and photos showing lush jungles could be a great way to spice up your living room. Presentation of photography need not be consigned simply to the photos themselves. You can extend out from those photos collateral themes.

Imagine settings with little wicker baskets filled to the brim with seashells from a Hawaiian vacation, and a painting of the surf behind. Now imagine you’ve got a tropical backdrop on an otherwise empty basement wall. You’ve turned a cold room into a warm and intriguing place full of possibility, and so much more comfortable.

  1. Grouped Into An Expressive Collage

You don’t have to be limited by only one photo. Especially if you captured extensive photographic coverage of somewhere you’ve travelled, you might just display all those photos together! You could frame them each individually as though each was an exhibit in some artistic presentation, or you could be creative and form a collage.

Today’s digital options make it so that you can print an image multiple times at the same level of quality without damaging its core digital makeup. You could frame all the pictures you like individually, then form them into an enigmatic yet visually alluring collage acting as a centrepiece in a room where the colour schemes agree.

display travel photos

How You Display Will Reflect Who You Are

Whatever kind of display motif you choose is ultimately representative not just of the place you were, but who you are. A camera must be pointed somewhere and deliberately manipulated in order to capture an image. Certainly, it does take a picture of what is in a given space, but the angle it takes that picture from is your perspective.

Different people are going to look at different things when it comes to diverse locales. Some will be entranced by the sea, others by adjacent architecture, and some will try to get a shot of the castle in silhouette against the waves. Your perspective informs the pictures you take, and how you display them represents a full-circle application of your imagination.