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Best Places for Wild life Photography in London

Are you a wildlife photographer and stuck with the places to shoot the photography of different species? Then the UK is the right choice to get a huge variety of wild animals. Still, you have confusion about where to start with, here is the Top 5 location in the UK, which has been suggested by the famous wildlife photographers.

Place 1: Farne Islands, Northumberland

Farne Island is one of the Favourite places to shoot wildlife photography in the UK. During the summertime, Farne Island is covered by the 150,000 pairs of seabirds in different breeds like Atlantic puffins, eider parks duck, guillemots and lot of breeds

puffins on wild life photography

You can reach the place by a boat ride which is offered by the National Trust. Once you reach you can see the amazing view of birds and its nesting.  Take your handy camera and focus on the subjects whatever you are seeing and whatever you get attracted by.

There is a huge amount of different birds and you will get a perfect relaxing time with nature around the island. A Hub of true wildlife!!

Place 2. Cairngorms, Scotland

The second favorite place to shoot wildlife photography in London is the Cairngorms located in Scotland near Aviemore.  Here the wildlife creatures are too amazing, and the place has the standalone beauty of wildlife.

snow deer in wildlife photography

In, winter the place is fully covered by the snow and they change into white from the brown.

You can shoot plenty of deer roaming on the roadside of the cairngorms. The Cairngorms is the best place to shoot wildlife photography, but the most amazing time is winter. So, most of the popular photography choose the winter season to shoot wildlife.

Place 3. Exmoor National Park, West England

Exmoor Nation park is one of the third best places to capture the wildlife photography preferred by famous wildlife photographer. You must have the car to shoot moors along the roadsides.

capture the Ponies in wildlife photography

The early morning session is the golden time to shoot the ponies and it is an amazing way to capture the wildlife.

Place 4: Bass Rock, Scotland

Bass Rock is one of the best places of wildlife photography located in Scotland, it is the place for northern gannets. From the long sight, the Bass rock looks in a white layer because of the birds nesting on the rocks.

You can reach the place by the help of boat ride and land on the rock and start focus on the heart of the Bass Rock

It is better to book a trip in advance and get into the place at the right time and capture the treasures of Bass Rock. For the best experience read the guide stories and place reviews to understand all the details of the place.

wild life photography tips

Place 5. Richmond Park, London

Richmond Park is the fifth-best place of wildlife photography located in London one of the most favorite and popular locations for photography locations in the UK. The place is the best one amongst senior wildlife photographers. Situated on the outskirts of London.

General Tip

Make yourself quit away from the wildlife creatures for your safety

Before starting your trip read and get clear about the places you have been visiting

Pre-Book your tickets for your wildlife photography Trip


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