basic Tips for wedding Photographer

Basic wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photography has some special aspects of skill set when compared to another genre of photography. If you are a wedding photographer, you should have more confidence and must take shoot very fast. The demand for wedding photography never falls in the years. The photographer needs more perfection and profession to take an amazing wedding shot.

If you are a photographer and trying to take wedding photos first check the other couple’s wedding photos and get some basic style and skills of wedding photography. The main qualities of wedding photographers are skills, personality, and loyalty. You should deliver the photos and album on the mentioned date without any delay. Then only you can get more wedding orders with reference.

 Basic wedding photography tips for the beginners

wedding photography tips

Are you looking for basic wedding photography tips? to start your wedding photography. First, get experience by joining as an assistant to some good professional wedding photographers and then start your brand of wedding photography for your clients.

The two main tips for wedding photography are

  1. Understand about your couple needs
  2. How to deliver their needs to them

These two are the choice of everyone and create some flow to achieve common facts.

Book an appointment with the couple

 Fix an appointment with them at the early stage after getting the confirmation and wedding date.  Discuss with both if possible, include family members too in your conversation. Get the detailed list of what are the names that they need in the album and check if they want any additional packages like pre-wedding shoot or cinematic wedding shoot. In case if they like to take a pre-wedding shoot then fix the date for your convenience.

Analyze their expectations

Need for wedding photography

If you are a wedding photographer, then the most mandatory skill is you should speak out frankly and clearly and your communication will create hope and trust about your work among the couple. Read their mindset thoroughly and know what the expectations are they have on their mind.

 Check wedding location

 Get a clear plan about the location of their wedding whether it is outdoor or indoor and put the mind map with the places for the amazing portraits and candid, etc.

Also, plan about the weather if it is rainy season get protective tools for your camera. If it is a good sunny day, plan to take a shot by diffusing the shade and use flash in case of necessary.

 Check all your Equipment 

Make sure there will be no equipment failure during the event, then it will be a big drawback for your name. so, before the date of the event check the working condition all the tools and have an additional camera backup with you. Also is possible to hire a second wedding shooter along with you to avoid some failures on technical, tools or in provisions.

Additional Things to be consider

Focus on wedding photography


  • Keep eye on the bride and groom.


  • Keep branded flash to tackle the darkness



  • Wedding photography is not just a photoshoot its all about capturing the memories for the future so, don’t skip any kind of stuff.