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3 ways to achieve Blurred Backgrounds in Portraits

Nowadays the main Illusion among the new photographers is how to take soft, blurred background images with high aperture. It is a big deal to buy an expensive lens with a large aperture to achieve the blur look.

Photos with blurry backgrounds are the perfect one that makes the subject to stand out in a unique position. Portrait photos with blurred backgrounds capture the attention of viewers and add more profession.

You can achieve a blurred background in several ways, that depends on the tools and settings equipped with your camera settings.

We mentioned 3 ways to capture the portrait with a blurred background using your normal lens.

  1. Use the Macro settings 

To make the blurry background with the macro settings of your camera, change the settings with a wide aperture mode and an increase in the shutter speed. This setting automatically blurs up the background. This is the easiest method of taking a blurred shot. Make sure to place a camera in enough light emission without fallen of any shadows.

portrait of Boy and Girl Sitting

  • Turn off the flash mode
  • Select the macro mode, this mode is represented by a tulip flower
  • Now get close to the subject and zoom in to get further closer to the subject
  • Now focus the subject clearly and hold the camera tightly without any shake
  • Now capture the photo

In case if you felt shaken or not get enough focus mode use the tripod to capture the stabilized image.

  1. Use the aperture Mode

Aperture mode is like a semi-automatic mode, available default on most of the cameras. When you change the aperture priority mode, the camera automatically changes the appropriate shutter speed

Selecting a wide aperture priority mode will make the background more blur finally you achieve the blurry background for the subject.

  • Select the aperture priority mode in your camera
  • Choose the smallest aperture value
  • Keep your subject closer to you than the background
  • Zoom in particularly on your subject
  • Take a snap
  • Now you can achieve the image with a blurred background.
  1. Traditional Background Blur

Most of the  DSLR cameras and cell phones now have the default blurring option in the setting called image destabilization. Here the lens and sensor move together while taking the pictures and focus only on the subjects and get the output as a blurred image.

Even your camera does not have the feature of default blurring option, you can achieve the photo with blurred background with the following steps

  • First, turn off the flashlights
  • Choose the portrait mode in settings
  • Keep the subject far away from the background
  • Zoom the subject and get closer to your subject
  • Now take the shot to get the blurred image.

portrait Photography of Yellow School Bus with blur background

 Common Edits to Make a Background Blur

You can create the background blur with the help of some graphics editing app available for photo edits. That achieves the different types of blurred backgrounds.

  • Load the taken image to the editing application or software
  • Sharpen the subject by adjusting the color mode
  • Choose the background blurring option to make the background blur.