tips to protect lens

Tips to protect the camera lens from Mist/Fog

As a professional photographer, you may face this issue frequently during the winter season. Here are some cool tips for keep the camera lens free from mist and fog. Try these smart tips to take better pictures in the misty conditions.

The first and the foremost thing that you should keep in mind is keeping the camera in a safe place when traveling to a new place with misty conditions. Mostly the professionals will carry the camera with them everywhere they go, In the winter seasons priority should be given to keep the camera in a safe place. This will ensure that the lens won’t get affected by mist.

protect lens from fog

Even if you take care of your camera, in worst cases you cant avoid the misty effect in the lens. In those conditions, you should avoid wiping the lens with the normal cloth, use the proper equipment or blowers to clean the lens. You should make sure to clean the lens without causing any damage to it.

Take the camera out of the bag only when you are going to capture any image. Carrying the camera all time in your shoulder hangers or in hand will bring some misty effects in the lens. Hence take the camera out of the bag only if it is necessary.

tips to clean lens

Even you can use the micro fibre cloth to clean the lens instead of any rough cloth. using the rough cloths may cause scratches in the lens. Using the hard cloths may even result in lens replacement. Hence always give importance to the cloth that you are using to clean the lens.

Thus these are some of the smart ways to keep the lens clean during the winter seasons. If you are a professional photographer, then these tips may be handy for you to use the cameras during the rough weather.